Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who Do I Yearn For?

"Let your heart yearn for your ungodly neighbors. Alas there is but a step between them and death and hell. Many hundred diseases are waiting ready to seize on them and if they die unregenerate they will be lost forever. Have you hearts of rock that cannot pity men in such a case as this? Do you not care who is damned as long as you are saved? If so you have sufficient cause to pity yourselves, for it is a frame of spirit utterly inconsistent with grace. Do you live close by them or do you meet them in the streets or work with them or travel with them or sit and talk with them and say nothing to them of their souls? If their houses were on fire you would run and help them, will you not help them when their souls are almost at the fire of hell?"

I heard this quote a few days ago in a sermon by David Platt from back on August 28, 2011. Dr. Platt is quoting Richard Baxter here, and adds his own words after:

"See them. See the people. See the faces that you work with, you live next to, stand in the shopping line next to this week. These are souls that are destined for eternal suffering or eternal satisfaction. Pray for them. Yearn for their salvation. Call out to God for them."

And in response I (Laura) must ask myself, "Whose salvation do I yearn for? Anyone outside my immediate family or immediate friend circle? Am I really seeing the lost around me?"

Lord, open our eyes. Let us see people as YOU see them. Let us respond to them as CHRIST would respond.

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