Sunday, April 14, 2013

Asking the Deeper Questions

Several days ago I found this note written by one of my kids:
I absolutely love it when they are at that stage of writing phonetically! Reading it is like trying to crack a code and I always think its so cute how they spell the words.
But this particular writing was more than just cute. Here's the translation of what it says:
"I love God and Jesus. He is the Holy Spirit and God the Father and God the Son.
But I don't understand why did God create Satan? Cause He knew that Satan will tempt everyone."
I'll never forget back in college when I was leading a small group bible study with 6th grade girls. One of the girls asked me this very question and I was floored that someone so young would be thinking about something so deep!
Again, I'm amazed as my child ponders this same deep question.
And I wonder if I'm asking deep questions.
How often do I truly dig deeply into the wisdom of God's Word? Am I taking the time to contemplate on God and His Word long enough to even consider deep spiritual Truths? How often do I go beyond my daily Bible reading or my encouraging devotional book to really soak in, meditate on, and search through Scripture?
What's interesting about this child's note above, is he hadn't just written the note and then left it alone. He'd been asking this question of others. My sister told me he asked her when she was in town the other week. He is looking for an answer. And he was not going to be content until he got one.
Its sad to me that sometimes when I do ask a hard spiritual question, I don't really take the time to search out the answer. So often I don't really look into the passage deeply enough to get an answer to my tough question. I might wonder, but finding an answer is hard work. It takes time. It takes time sitting quietly in prayer. It takes time reading multiple verses, searching out cross-references and considering other translations. It takes time to find out what the reputable commentaries are and then read them. Its work to figure out how to use Bible study tools on the internet or in book form that explain the meaning of specific words or passages in the original language. It takes time to sit at the feet of solid Bible teachers and godly mentors who can explain God's Word to me accurately and well.
But today a six-year old has inspired me! Because you see, "I love God and Jesus" too. And I know what the Bible says about my Savior and Lord. But I don't want to stop there. I want to ask tough questions and consider deep spiritual Truth. I want to know Him and love Him more. I want to follow Him more quickly and carefully. I want to model Him more accurately. I want to spend the extra time it takes to dig deeply into His Word.
"For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding" (Proverbs 2:6).   

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